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Your Career Lies Before You

Publish or Perish

Congratulations on your evolving career in academia! By the time you reach graduate school or the early years of teaching in higher education, you have a clear idea of your intellectual interests, a growing network of colleagues, and even a few publications on your CV.

You may also have a few questions – or anxieties – about how to manage the publishing component of your career. "Publish or perish" has been the standard marching order since the creation of the tenure system, and you probably have to fall in step with it.

Publishing can be frustrating, because your publication goal ultimately depends on the judgments of others, and great projects sometimes fail to be published. In this tutorial we’ll help you maximize your chances of publication and minimize your frustrations.

Throughout the five modules of this tutorial, you’ll learn about:

  • The variables involved in scholarly publishing
  • How to control the ones you have influence over
  • How to learn and grow from the ones you can’t control

Let’s get started>>

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